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The Odd Cat Sanctuary - Jan/Feb

My chosen charity this month is the AMAZING Odd Cat Sanctuary. Founded in 2015 by Tara Kay, the sanctuary has saved over 1600 cats so far and is not set to stop any time soon! 

This charity has one simple mission - to help odd cats who have no place to turn. Whether it be due to illness, behavioural issues, being physically challenged, abandoned, abused, feral, semi-feral, death row inmates or seniors. The Odd Cat Sanctuary helps them ALL! They believe every cat deserves a loving warm home with a family that will give them all the fuss and attention they deserve. 

Relieing on donations, contributions and fund raising this wonderful charity need our help! Powered by a team of volunteers, the hard work and love behind this charity immediately drew my attention. I had been following them for months and fell in love with every cat they shared on Instagram. I instantly wanted to help in some way and to contribute and help the beautiful cats they had in their care.

So this is where you guys come in!! 20% of the profits from every item sold will go to Tara and the volunteers at the sanctuary. It will spent on medical care, food, blankets, toys. You name it! Everything a cat deserves and needs!

You all know I have two cats of my own and I have five adopted stray cats that live at the top of my road that I help in any way I can. So this charity pull at my heart strings and I can't wait to see the wonderful work the team will do in the future!