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Honey, I'm back!

If you've been a MLAB follower from the start, you may remember that I've previously been a lot more 'on it' when it come to social media, email marketing...heck just everything in general! The past year has been difficult for many reason, with a break up of a long term relationship, moving back in with my parents, moving out, moving back in with my parents, mental health issues, heart issues and family issues (apparently I have a lot of issues) and being made redundant from my day job. I'll be honest and the first to say MLAB completely slipped off my radar. 


I normally don't believe all of this 'new year new me' crap, but I honestly feel like something about the start of 2019 clicked for me. Instead of focusing on all of the negatives I decided to try and change my mental attitude and focus on everything thats good. It may have taken me until April to feel totally 'with it' but hey atleast I'm here! 


It's hard for me to believe that just two weeks ago today I was made redundant from my 9-5 job. I'd been thinking about quitting my day job and finding something else for a few months so I wasn't completely heart broken, but it still came as a shock as it wasn't my decision to leave.


After a coffee and a little cry I soon picked myself up and tried to think about my next step. After a quick look online at marketing jobs I soon realised nothing really grabbed me and gave me that 'I want to go to work' feeling.


Anyway long story short, I officially decided that MLAB is the only job I can imagine myself doing in the long term. Having made this ground breaking discovery I quickly searched for co-working spaces in my local area before fear changed my mind. One space that popped up that I recognised was Society1. Located in the centre of town, it was a building I had walked past multiple times thinking 'gosh if only I had the balls to work somewhere like that.' If only I knew!


Before I came to Society1 I didn't know any self-employed people at all. It seemed like one those made up careers that no one actually does it. But now I'm surrounded by like minded people who have found what they love doing and are pursuing it. Even though it's been the toughest year of my life, I feel more content and happy with the life I'm creating than I ever have.

Here's a few pictures of Society1, prepare to fall in love!

Make Like A Bandit

Make Like A Bandit

Make Like A Bandit


It's safe to say that I am terrified, worried and even though it's been the toughest year of my life, I feel more content and happy with the life I'm creating than I ever have.

Isn't it funny how life turns out sometimes.